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  • Unlimited hosting storage & data transfer
  • Free domain with privacy
  • Free dedicated IP for Pro account
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Features We Like

  • Free domain privacy.
  • CloudLinux – better hosting security and reliability.

 Important to Know

  • CoolHandle is very expensive compare to other similar web hosts.
  • Limited number of databases for Starter and Business plans. 

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CoolHandle Hosting User Reviews

Excellent Web Hosting Services

It took me several months to find the best web hosting company, but when I finally came across cool-handle, I knew I had found my destination! Their team is very kind and helpful, I strongly recommend cool-handle to one and all!

Rodney A. Flake
Rodney A. Flake
April 20, 2015
I made a bad decision using Cool handle

I do not trust Coolhandle anymore. I hate that the company is practicing fraudulent practices in providing their service. And I hate their customer service. It is very poor. Overall, I had a bad experience with this service provider. I would like to tell everyone to stay away from Coolhandle. I do not understand why they should provide very expensive web hosting service, yet they do not know how to satisfy their customers. Our website had some problems, so I called them. I do not know why but they keep on answering something that could not solve the issues. In other words, it seems like they are not really a professional web hosting company. Since I was not satisfied with their service, I told them that I would like to cancel my account and I would like a refund. To my dismay, they did not reply. You better use other service providers or companies.

Alex Wong K
Alex Wong K
June 30, 2014

I did not like this web host at all. Over priced, unreliable, and lousy after sales service - is a rip off in my opinion. Buyer beware is all I can say. Take your chances with this at your own risk.

Juliet B.
Juliet B.
June 26, 2014
Expensive - not worth it!

Unlike a lot of normal hosting services, CoolHandle is a Cloud Linux based hosting service that offers better security and reliability. Linux is well-known for its security features and it is this feature that CoolHandle has leveraged to offer a completely secure environment to its customers. It offers a dedicated IP for accounts under the ‘Pro’ category and a free domain for lifetime with privacy.
One of the weak points of CoolHandle is the cost of the hosting service. CoolHandle is roughly 30% to 40% more expensive compared to the contemporaries and fails miserably on the customer service front with pathetic response times. With customer service being one of the most critical parameters of a web hosting service provider, it is better to stay away from CoolHandle where the customer service is below expectations and the staff are not bothered to either address or resolves customer issues. Customers who still wish to opt for CoolHandle owing to the Linux base can do so at their own risk.

June 10, 2014
I am disappointed.. wont use CoolHandle again!

I am very disappointed with this company. They are too expensive and a rip off, very overpriced service! As a company, we have had countless problems with Coolhandle. Whenever we submit a ticket, it usually takes days for them to respond. Is it fair to offer a very expensive service with a very poor technical support team?? I do not think they should continue doing business. Due to numerous problems, our website was down for few days and it really affected our business in a very negative way. In other words, I do not recommend this company to anyone. You should always think first before making a decision to use their service. I trusted them, but I was just disappointed in the end. So, I decided that my team and I should use another service provider and just move on. I have not heard from their customer representatives since the day I told them that I would like to cancel our account.

Alvin Ch’ng
Alvin Ch’ng
June 2, 2014
Very Expensive

CoolHandle is a Cloud Linux based hosting service that offers better security and reliability. It offers a free domain for lifetime with privacy and even a dedicated IP for accounts under the ‘Pro’ category. Other features such as unlimited storage and data transfers are also offered by CoolHandle. The major drawback with CoolHandle is the cost. CoolHandle is 30% to 40% more expensive when compared to other hosting services in the marketplace. This pricing pattern is a big turn off for small businesses as running costs and renewal costs both would be heavy to pay and maintain the website over a period of time. Also, customer service is not anything to write home about and does not justify the heavy price being charged for hosting services. Hence, it is better to avoid CoolHandle as there are a lot of other hosting services offering the same features and benefits at a much lower price and better quality.

King of SEO Agent
King of SEO Agent
February 19, 2014
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